Decentralized NANO Representatives

High-Availabilty, Non-Developer Nodes

This listing of NANO representatives is provided as a service to the NANO community. The delegated-proof-of-stake method of decentralization allows anyone who owns NANO to delegate voting weight equal to the amount of NANO they own to a representative node of their choice.

The benefit to the delegator is that they do not have to ensure that their own node (wallet) is running 24 hours a day to participate in voting. Voting is a consensus mechanism that decides which transaction is valid whenever a double-spend attempt is made.

Simply put, by choosing a trustworthy person from a list of NANO representatives (as opposed to randomly picking one) you are helping to secure the network from people that may want to cause it harm. All of the NANO representatives listed here are involved in the NANO community in some way and operate their nodes at their own expense without any compensation. (you are of course free to donate to them or pay for any services they offer). If you don’t see a name you trust in this list, please consider setting up your own NANO representative node!

From the NANO whitepaper (

Assigning a Representative
Account holders having the ability to choose a representative to vote on their behalf is a powerful decentralization tool that has no strong analog in Proof of Work or Proof of Stake protocols. In conventional PoS systems, the account owner’s node must be running to participate in voting. Continuously running a node is impractical for many users; giving a representative the power to vote on an account’s behalf relaxes this requirement. Account holders have the ability to reassign consensus to any account at any time. A change transaction changes the representative of an account by subtracting the vote weight from the old representative and adding the weight to the new representative [sic]. No funds are moved in this transaction, and the representative does not have spending power of the account’s funds. official node


Node Admin: /u/perceptivetek (reddit) official node


Node Admin: /u/appdev980 (reddit) official node


Node Admin: /u/cronoh (reddit) official node


Node Admin: /u/striata (reddit) official node


Node Admin: rawrmann (discord) official node


Node Admin: /u/meltingice (reddit) | meltingice (discord) | Node Status official node


Node Admin: standreas(discord) | Node Info Page official node


Node Admin: /u/xmrbuyer (reddit) | xmrbuyer (discord) official node


Node Admin: standreas(discord) | Node Info Page

Node stats provided by
Extended node information pulled from node monitors running NanoNodeMonitor
Uptime calculated by received “confirm_ack” (voting) from the representative node on network.